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1. Remove the dust cover

The included dust cover serves as a protection cap for the heating element and prevents it from getting contaminated by environmental particles. Before using the MyBambini's Bottle Warmer Pro™ you are required to remove the dust cover and clean the heating element with a clean cloth or sterilisation wipe. Warning: You should never power on the MyBambini's Bottle Warmer Pro™ with the dust cover installed.

2. Check sealing ring

Before you start using the MyBambini’s Bottle Warmer Pro™ it is important to check if the sealing ring is installed properly. There is a sealing ring present in the heating element and in the bottle adapter (when used). The sealing rings prevent the bottle warmer from leaking and ensures a tight fit. Most bottle brands require the sealing to be positioned in the u-shape (lips pointing upwards), however some bottle brands require the sealing ring to be placed in the n-shape (lips pointing down), this rule applies to the following bottle brands: Pigeon (wide neck), Combi and Lansinoh.

3. Screw on the adapter

Some bottle brands require an adapter to be placed in between the bottle warmer and bottle to make sure they fit seamlessly. The following brands require an adapter: Boon, Comotomo, Difrax, DrBrown's (all sizes), Haakaa, Hegen (square bottle), MAM, Medela, Minbie, NIP, NUK (all sizes), Nanobebe (all sizes), Olababy, Pigeon (all sizes), Sepal, Suavinex, Tommee Tippee. These adapters are available for purchase on our separate adapter page.

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4. Add breast milk/water

When using powder products: Water can be poured in the baby bottle to your baby’s desired amount, the milk powder will be added after the heating process is done.

When using breast milk: the milk can be poured in the bottle and is advised to be heated to a maximum of 37°C.

After pouring the water/breast milk in the bottle, the baby bottle can be screwed onto the adapter and bottle warmer.

5. Start MyBambini's Bottle Warmer Pro™

You can turn on the MyBambini's Bottle Warmer Pro™ with a long press on the power button, now choose one of the three temperature levels (37°C / 40°C / 45°C), with a short tap you can switch between these settings.

When the MyBambini's Bottle Warmer Pro™ is powered off you can view the battery level with a short tap on the power button, the battery level will be shown on the display.

6. Warm breast milk/water

We’re almost there! The MyBambini's Bottle Warmer Pro™ will now start heating to the desired temperature and will notify you when it's ready with a beep sound. Once it's ready it will keep the temperature level until you turn it off or the battery runs out. Please make sure the bottle warmer is placed on a flat service where the liquid can touch the heating element. Please do never leave the bottle warmer upside down while heating.

7. Add milk powder

The only thing left to do is adding the formula powder, screw on the teat and stir the bottle gently. Now you are ready to feed your baby!